Distortion Radio

Distortion Radio is a digital music streaming service dedicated to showcasing the best new, up-and-coming, and independent artists from all genres. The platform offers high-quality music through a wide variety of curated playlists and live streams. With innovative and engaging features, Distortion Radio delivers a unique and enjoyable experience for music discovery that helps fans find awesome new music.

Read what people are saying about Distortion:

  • Kevin
    I like distortion because they play a lot of good new bands on the scene
    Listener • British Columbia, Canada
  • Tiffy
    I like all of the songs you've been playing. I have found a bunch of new bands I like. Thanks!
    Listener • West Virginia, United States
  • Colton (Defused)
    I'm really psyched that we got played on Distortion, all the guys are greatful too, it's really cool of you guys, Thanks!!
    Artist • Mt. Vernon, Illinois, United States
  • angel
    Love Distortion Radio. Don't think I'll ever go back to Pandora. Lol.
    Listener • San Antonio, Texas, United States
  • 214ever
    ive been looking to expand my library. this is definatly a good place to do it!
    Listener • Pennsylvania, United States
  • FateLess18
    I love every song ... Just found it last night and love it ... I love all the music played.
    Listener • Iowa, United States
  • Jeff Beaulieu (Your Favorite Enemies)
    Thanks for having our music on air, it means the world to us! You guys are awesome!! Hope having the chance to do something else with you!!
    Artist • Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Zyken
    i friggen love DR if they stopped playin music my life would end
    Listener • California, United States
  • SpeedshifterNC
    once you stop on distortion there's no reason to keep surfing
    Listener • North Carolina, United States
  • taylor
    gotta say i love distortion radio, theres never a song i don't like.
    Listener • Alabama, United States
  • Chris
    Whoever is in charge of the play lists deserves a raise! Always amazing
    Listener • North Carolina, United States
  • Drean (NadiaN)
    I think that radios like you is the best support that bands like nadian could have!!
    Artist • Spain
  • Shane Macaulay
    After listening to Distortion Radio ALOT lately, I often find my self checking out some of the bands I hear. ... You guys are doing an awesome job.. its on all the time at home and at the office.
    Listener • Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
  • Phil
    I really like your stream radio. I love this music since I was young and I really appreciate all the song you chose everyday.
    Listener • Italy
  • T-time
    I literally no longer watch tv, its home from school, homework, distortion radio, 1 Am, bed, repeat
    Listener • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • ellehcor
    i liked the name decided to listen and i have never change since ... you guys are doingg an awesome job
    Listener • Jamaica
  • tahruh
    freaking love distortion radioo ! Its like kicck asss radio!! (;
    Listener • Louisiana, United States
  • Lukey Lukess (My Future Lies)
    Amazing site ... Really keen to share it around Australia.
    Artist • Australia
  • Eagle
    I found DR over 8 months ago and haven't listened to anything else since. Nothing can even be compared to Distortion Radio!
    Listener • Topeka, Kansas, United States
  • JCarlosFFAF
    i will talk about this radio to my friends... cause it's awesome ... this radio is trully amazing!... there is no other like this!
    Listener • Portugal
  • Rawr.Alice.
    i fell in love with DR the first time i listened
    Listener • San Bernardino, California, United States
  • gise
    i really love this radio , here there is all music that i really like !
    Listener • Argentina
  • fultron2.0
    the music on this is awesome
    Listener • Saskatchewan, Canada
  • theyanse
    i was looking for some good music at work...and bam...now im at home and still listening
    Listener • Queensland, Australia
  • Adam Goodman (Dropout Year)
    Artist • Baltimore, Maryland, United States
  • Mosam
    I was so happy when I found this site. ... I have to say this is the only radio I listen to. Because it's the best.
    Listener • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • unexpectedRocker
    its definatly one thing that has bin missing from my life im sick of radio stations that play the music i dont like
    Listener • United Kingdom
  • Cyzon
    I just fell in love with Distortion :D
    Listener • Ontario, Canada
  • nordinoSWE
    just so u know, at distortion radio, even here in sweden you guys are played pretty darn much ;D ... im just glad ther is a radio for those who actually like this type of music
    Listener • Sweden
  • ROLF
    well i am new to here but i luv this radio
    Listener • Taiwan
  • _xfallenangel
    ahaha nothing better than listening to awesome songs after a stressful day =)
    Listener • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • lagi
    f***in great music you are playing! ... best radio on planet!!!!!
    Listener • Austria
  • Nori (Deadeye Dick Band)
    Nice songs, we started listening ... when we wore on tour through Europe, and it made the road so pleasent ... Good luck!
    Artist • Romania
  • Blood!RedRomance
    i love this , the best music ever XD
    Listener • Queensland, Australia
  • Mizuki_Yagami
    I would listen to distortion all the time if i could ... Once you go distortion radio you never go back.
    Listener • Ontario, Canada
  • JohnP
    This radio is pure awesomness
    Listener • Sweden
  • Jay
    i come here and listen all the time ... im just addictted to this
    Listener • Texarkana, Texas, United States
  • Geoff
    i love this radio! nice songs! :D
    Listener • Spokane, Washington, United States
  • noflatearth
    you guys have a great taste in music.. and this website is an awesome idea.
    Listener • New Jersey, United States
  • Dusty
    this is the best radio ever!!!! ... there isn't anything better than this and never will b.
    Listener • Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States
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